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    Monday, November 19th, 2012
    12:46 pm
    Damn you Salsa!
    I had rather hoped to book the venue that Kaz and I used for our wedding reception as a venue for our 10th wedding anniversary. Annoyingly, Friday is a wedding reception and Saturday is a salsa class.

    Back unto drawing board...

    In other news, happiness is a three-yer-old with her first snow globe (containing a picture of her and Father Christmas).
    Sunday, October 21st, 2012
    9:10 pm
    So, after the SHIELD experiment, a somewhat curious notion occurred and appeals to me:

    The idea of running an event in which people are invited to turn up as themselves, and be themselves. Only, as outlined through the brief/chargen process, they are actually Something Else that is attending the social occasion in the guise of their everyday self. Evil twins... Robot doubles... We all know the tropes.

    In terms of building an immersive setting, reality has to rate as a viable tool, right?

    Plus, if participation is optional, then the social occasion is open to non-game-participants who will happily represent the masses ignorant of great hidden secret factions with pitch-perfect briefing.

    Also, the possibility that this LJ entry may have something to do with the prior LJ entry would be a matter of pure speculation...
    9:03 pm
    Planting a flag - 13th July
    So, the 12th of July 2013 is the 10th anniversary of mine and sheyna's wedding. We plan to do something on Saturday the 13th of July. I am planting a flag now, even though there are details to be arranged.

    July being July, this will inevitably clash will all manner of other things. This is unavoidable. Still, with some effort and preparation, perhaps whatever we decide to do will be able to hold its own in the crowded chronological marketplace.

    To an extent, we are still weighing up the variables of budget, numbers, dynamics and having clearly thwarted the Mayans.

    Anyway, this is something of an early warning. Its probably fair to say that there is an openness to suggestions at this juncture.
    Sunday, October 14th, 2012
    9:54 pm
    [SHIELD] Thanks and credits

    Well, survived the weekend...

    Thanks to...Collapse )
    Friday, October 12th, 2012
    8:09 pm
    Monday, October 8th, 2012
    9:58 pm
    [SHIELD] Coming into focus...

    OK, so the whole "Project: Open Eyes" is taking shape now.

    "Event Structure" plus request for specific NPC rolesCollapse )

    11:28 am
    [LRP] LRP and me...

    I've been thinking about my future, and LRP's place in it, and some musings are below.

    Something of a landmarkCollapse )
    Friday, October 5th, 2012
    10:24 pm
    [SHIELD] Project: Open Eyes - 2
    Well, so far Duncan has received a message from Nick Fury asking if he would like to work for SHIELD. Consent to be indicated by putting a picture of a 3-eyed robot in his bedroom window to be seen by SHIELD Agents. This was duly done with some enthusiasm, I have been told.

    Tomorrow Duncan receives his Mission Briefing Pack, including ID card.

    Meanwhile, big thanks to the awesome avantman42. Not only for pointing out a handy child-friendly ROT-13 tool, but also in setting up a couple of websites for Duncan to "hack" (by getting clues to the passwords). Russ assures me that his motives are not selfless as any foundations laid now will benefit Douglas in the not-too-distant-future. Nevertheless...

    Interested parties may wish to observe the work in progress courtesy of:

    Password: James Bond

    Password: Thrush

    Some development work is required if anyone feels like providing some (age appropriate) content for links. The current links are placeholders and right-click opens existing PDFs that have been done for the briefing pack.

    Thanks to others who have expressed willingness to help. I'm still developing the framework/plotline, so its all up in the air.

    As to it being Awesome, well, I hope so. My main motives are to stay sane in the care of three children, which is naturally best done by pretending to be secret agent. I believe it work for Vin Diesel, or something. I suspect there are a bucket of awesome ideas that will not be implemented this time around, but this is a prototype/work-in-progress with no requirement to be an isolated event. In fact, the ultimate hope is that it won't be.
    Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
    5:29 pm
    [SHIELD] Project: Open Eyes
    So, the weekend after the one coming is the Lions Event, and I have (perhaps foolishly) agreed to have Duncan McAllister stop for the two nights (Kaz also being at the event).

    Now I'm sure it would be no fun for Duncan to see himself as being dumped on a boring guy whilst his parents are off having an adventure. So I have deemed that his stay will be as interesting as I can make it. Duncan is into spy-things at the moment, so I'm coming up with a spy plan.

    Nick Fury, of SHIELD, will be contacting Duncan to ask for his assistance. SHIELD suspects that HYDRA are operating in Nottingham and Leicester. Since Duncan has moved from Scotland, he is completely clear of suspicion of being a HYDRA agent making him perfect for this mission, if he agrees.

    Friday night will focus on training, including code-breaking.
    Saturday will involve a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicestershire to check its not a HYDRA front.
    Sunday will involve some more investigation based on data received from Saturday.

    I'm blogging openly about this because I am wondering if anyone would be willing and able to help me with this, either in preparation or in the course of the weekend. I'm thinking:
    1 - Suggestions for spy-based activities
    2 - Helping to prepare some bits (e.g. simple transliterated code to be cracked)
    3 - Playing NPC roles at the end of telephones, texts or even Skype

    If not, never mind. I think I can come up with enough stuff. Spymasters often give wildly confusing instructions, so being asked to gather random - yet scientifically accurate - information from the National Space Centre makes a game of learning stuff.

    Frankly, when Dessie and Bria get back from the Lions to discover that Duncan has saved the free world from terrorism, I think they will feel like the ones who missed out.

    (And, of course, this is a proto run for doing similar with Eleanor when she is a little older)
    Monday, September 17th, 2012
    1:12 pm
    [Maelfroth] The End
    This may take a few posts. One of them will be a more measured look at the last event and the game.

    This is not that one.Collapse )

    In General:
    The fuzzy nature of the ending, with almost everyone's plans being thwarted to a degree, created a fantastically nebulous state onto which pretty much anyone can project their "perfect ending" onto the game. I guess, at that point, it becomes a truely "player-led" end to the campaign.
    Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
    3:03 pm
    Random thoughts post Wiki release

    The wiki for PD's new LRP game - Empire - is launched and is here:

    Post-launch, I have realsed:

    1. There is a difference between Aspirational and Minimum Standards. This could be clearer. I think the important point is "Try not to clash", but I have never been a costume-based ballgowner.
    2. There are going to be a A LOT more Lineages than I was expecting, but then I have always enjoyed the "human racial advantage" unless there are masks involved
    3. I need to remember that "The Internet" is not representative of anything but a vocal minority, albeit sometimes a lot of vocal minorities. This applies to positive and negative responses.
    4. I'm not sure that I need to do my blog on Moral Authority now. People have enough to read, though I have promised Matt P a primer on the Synod to aid understanding how it works for players (and I aim to make it IC so people can have it in the field with them)
    5. Wiki release is not the "end" that my brain was rather hoping for. Need to work on that, brain.
    Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
    9:17 pm
    Maelfroth - Post-Awakening
    [Cross-posted from Rule 7]

    OK, so this is going to be a bit of a novelty. For the first time in over three years, I'll be posting a mostly honest set of froth. Past froth has either been oblique or in the category of "factually accurate, if deliberately misleading". With one event left, I hope people will forgive me if I lower the old FOIP settings a little (whilst still saving stuff for the post-Event 4 party).

    The frothCollapse )

    Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
    9:57 pm
    9:52 pm
    Empire Blogging: Revelation
    At some point, the Empire Wiki goes live. Its still a work in progress. I had written more blog entries but I think the wiki may make some of this redundant. So I am putting them on my LJ for my own interest. They are about the three foundation pillars of our LRP religion with no overt deity presence, which were:
    1. Revelation
    2. Moral Authority
    3. Power
    This is the Revelation one...

    Blogging againCollapse )
    Monday, July 9th, 2012
    9:48 am
    Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
    7:32 pm
    LRP: Imperial Principles
    So, if we get three-score-years-and-ten, then I am probably about due a mid-life crisis. I think I may get introspective in my next LJ entry but, for now, a bit more about Empire, and developing religion concepts for a LRP game.

    As part of providing a stream of updates about the game's development, I wrote a blog article on design principles. It went live on the PD site today and is duplicated below for any interested parties.

    Designing Religion without evidence of gods, ancestors, angels or demonsCollapse )
    Saturday, May 19th, 2012
    8:33 pm
    Imperial Ambitions

    I aim to post more. I fail a lot. Still, I do have something to froth about. As will come as no surprise to anyone who has talked LRP with me of late, I have been asked to participate in designing Empire, the new fest-LRP system that Profound Decisions intends to launch in 2013 when Maelstrom concludes.

    My involvement is no secret. In fact, PD released a video entitled "Meet the Writers". I am not actually in the video but you can totally see my name at 2:28-2:29 when a shot of a computer screen displays: Dan Williams' Religion Team.

    The video is here:

    When Matt and Andy asked me to take a lead role in Religion development, I don't think they knew I had a degree in Theology. I do think they knew how much I enjoyed the religion game in Maelstrom, which I did like an awful lot, even if it was not everyone's cup of tea. I suspect they also knew that I am a froth-monkey with a narrativist love of substantive, yet non-lethal, PC engagements.

    I have to say that I am broadly excited by a number of features that are being worked on for Empire, but I am naturally excited about what we've been doing with Religion. We are looking at something that has never been tried before in LRP. It may require a bit of a buy-in from players, but what element of a game doesn't? If we get that buy-in, then I think we may see something different and hopefully uniquely enjoyable.

    I've drafted a blog for the Facebook group on the design principles we used, some challenges we face and how we aim to overcome them. Its with the Fbook moderator to, hopefully, go up as part of a steady release of information.

    Meanwhile, I am due a face-to-face meeting with Matt P and others to discuss the draft of the religion to date to ensure we all understand the same things from it (which is a danger with text alone). I know I have a couple of ideas that I have yet to sell PD on, but I think a lot of the core material will make the final cut.

    I didn't intend to have a part of the sandpit to play in, but I am glad I do and I am having a lot of fun doing so.

    Friday, May 11th, 2012
    9:08 am
    Work are making me fish...

    As many know, I work for a company that provides services to adults with disabilities. We've launched Via Nova which is all about Person-Centred Planning. Each person we support will have a review of what they want from life, and will include a One Page Profile, so that that the people supporting them can gain a quick insight into who they are as a person and how best to support them.

    As part of building this culture into our business, management have mandated that all staff will have a One Page Profile as well. This will help us understand what makes a good one, and think about what goes in them.

    One of the sections of the One Page Profile is headed "What people like and admire about me...". So I need to go to family, friends, colleagues and ask them. So that's what I am doing here.

    Curiously, one of the weird things in helping colleagues with this process is how awkward it can be asking for, and being asked for, what are effectively compliments. I'm not sure whether its just a cultural thing or that the world is cynical about passing compliments without some expectation.

    Anyway, if I could receive some help with my work assignment, I would be grateful. 

    Hmm. The memetic way of doing this would be to promise to reply to comments with things I like and admire about the commenter. That only seems fair and reasonable.

    So according to some of those that have commented, "What people like and admire about me..." includes:

    • turn[ing] into a ball of amusing soppiness when your daughter is nearby.
    • your devious ability to backstab someone while looking them in the face.
    • 'efficient and professional when taking samples from dead cannibals'
    • capacity for sneakiness
    • devilishly bad puns

    Thankfully there were a number of comments that I can use on a document that will be uploaded to my company's intranet. My thanks to the contributors.

    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
    3:03 pm
    Marvel at the Movies
    So I've seen, and enjoyed, Avengers Assemble. I did not squee, per se, but I did laugh, and jump, and smile - and enjoy.

    Its clear to me that the 21st century is when the Marvel Universe has cracked Hollywood - and I wonder at the implications. You see, we are about to have The Amazing Spiderman hit our screens. Ten years after Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi gave us a fairly good Hollywood intro to the character, Andrew Garfield is taking us through the origin story in a different way. Its probably a spoiler, but I suspect Uncle Ben isn't going to do so well in this version either. In another ten years, I am not sure I need to see Uncle Ben die again.

    So I found myself wondering if ten years later, we are going to see a remake of Avengers Assemble and wondering if the "shared universe" of Marvel Films may actually protect us from this. The reason the film works - heck the reason it even exists - is because it drew together established characters from other films and did not need to go through the origin stories and the same repeated tragedies. Equally, I do not think there will be a demand for recasting Iron Man or Nick Fury in the imminent future - which seems to have been nicely covered by some foresighted contracting.

    I think the acid test will come when Mr Downey Jnr, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans want out. However, they have recast Dr Banner (and done a good job this time). As long as they maintain the quality, can they recast? If they are tapping into the full depths of the Marvel Universe, do they need to?

    Another interesting point is that I hear Iron Man 3 is not drawing off Iron Man's back catalogue of racist stereotyped villains and is doing something "new". I hope this is so. Whilst having a deep history to mine is good, I would be interested to see where they go in terms of using the Big Screen to find new stories and voices for the characters in the 21st century. If anything, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, shows the perils of tick-boxing the available characters/history for the sake of it without actually having stories for them.

    Sooner or later, Kevin Feige or whoever is Being Clever at Marvel will lose the plot, or the momentum will falter. Iron Man 2 was a misstep but not a fatal one. Overall, whilst Avengers Assemble was not the Best Film Evar, I am fascinated by what it means for Marvel at the Cinema - and possibly the film industry as a whole. There is no denying that, thus far, it has been a tremendous commercial success.
    Friday, March 9th, 2012
    1:28 pm
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